Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Bible Study Leads NASCAR Driver to Take 'Social Media Fast'

By Jeff Schapiro , Christian Post Reporter
January 11, 2013|9:51 am

NASCAR driver Michael McDowell announced via his Facebook and Twitter accounts on Monday that he will refrain from using social networking sites for 30 days as part of a "social media fast."

The decision came Monday following the weekly Bible study that McDowell and his wife, Jami, host at their home and is attended by other NASCAR drivers and their wives, USA Today reports. This week the focus of the Bible study was on the topic of life's distractions.
"For me, it's like it's become almost an addiction," McDowell told USA Today Sports. "It's something you almost have to do; you want to see what people are saying and you want to keep your fans up to date and you want to be engaged – but you don't realize how much time it actually takes."

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