Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Leaving Homosexuality: The Real Power Of My Testimony

by Matt Moore

I  used to think that the power of my testimony was in my conversion experience, so over the past few years whenever I have had the opportunity to talk or write about my testimony, I have had a tendency to go back to 2010 and relive the details of how bad I was and how deep in sin I was--- in order to demonstrate how shocking it was that I was brought out of all those activities so suddenly. Surely, God did glorify Himself in yanking me out of the depths of my depraved behavior. His power was seen clearly in that experience and I will continue to tell people about that. But, over the past year or so, what I’ve become even more convinced of is that the real power of my testimony lies in the continuation of my faith in Jesus Christ, rather than just the initial profession.
When I came out of the homosexual lifestyle, the reactions of those around me varied, but one thing was pretty certain among most: “Matt’s just going through a phase.” Parts of my family supported me and parts of my family were perplexed by me. Most of my friends ceased communication with me, but the ones that remained in my life I could tell didn't take what I was saying and doing seriously. I think that overall, everyone wished me well, but at the same time were sure that sooner rather than later I would embrace homosexuality as good and right again…..but maybe be a little more “tame” this time around. By this point, in January of 2013, I’m sure that nearly every one expected me to have “returned to my senses.”


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