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Scourby Audio Bible Apps...Keeping People in Touch with the Bible Anytime/Anywhere

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Jan. 15, 2013 /Christian Newswire/ -- For users wanting to remain in touch with the King James Bible at all times. The Scourby audio Bible Apps for iOS, and Android phone and Mobile devices are just the thing. There has not been such a technological advancement since the invention of the Guttenberg press back in the 15th Century.

The Scourby Audio Bible apps permit users to access the King James Bible like never before, perform searches of the Bible for words, chapters, book and verses in seconds. The Bible app delivers the King James Bible with text and audio synced together. The audio is provided by Alexander Scourby, who the Chicago Tribune wrote as having, "the greatest voice ever recorded."

The app also has an electronic bookmark, history of what the users has read, play list creation feature where users can create playlists of their favourite verses, night mode and more. The Bible app either as an Android Bible or iPhone Bible is great new way to Bible Study. Many studies have shown that the bimodal presentation of text and audio together, helps with understanding, comprehension and memorization. The developer rightfully states that the Audio Bible apps are "the newest way to access the Oldest Book."

Alexander Scourby reading the Bible passages and pronouncing all the difficult words, with the precise clarity and expression makes the Scourby KJV Bible App understandable, joyful and inspiring. It's a true enlightening experience to hear Scourby pronounce all those unpronounceable words with such ease.

Clear and greater emphasis on the words, vocabulary and fluency improves your reading, recalling and recognition skills, while instilling enhanced confidence and motivation. This can be gauged from the numerous testimonials. One user from Scotland wrote:

"Thank you for this great product and at this price. There is so much trouble in the world, I don't like to watch the news anymore since it's all bad and really gets me down. So I just decided to spend more of my time listening to my Scourby audio Bible APP. I can't tell you how good that make me feel to just spend time listening to Alexander Scourby reading the King James Bible." T. Ruth, Scotland

Many more such testimonials from our users really motivate us to help others find the peace within. A wonderful way to connect to God and your spiritual self, you will be left thirsting for more inspiring and motivating words from the KJV Bible.

Check out Scourby Audio Bible Apps, they are easily downloadable from our website and experience the World's greatest book being read by the World's greatest voice

For users wanting a Bible Mp3 download in their computer, Mp3 players, iPods or other Mp3 devices, they can have that too. The Bible Mp3 Audio Bible narration comes in voice only or Dramatized and user can choose any one or get a special is they buy both. They are also available at as immediate downloads.

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