Friday, January 11, 2013

Wilton church offering will provide Internet for African clinic

While the political situation in the Central African Republic remains unpredictable, one thing is certain — at some point in the next few months, a clinic there will receive vital Internet service through the giving of folks from Sunne Lutheran Church in Wilton.
This past Christmas, Sunne members donated to its second “Half a Christmas” offering over and above its target goal of $6,000.
That $6,000 was the cost estimated to install Internet service at Emmanuel Health Center in the C.A.R. town of Gallo, which would allow staff there access to life-saving medical advice and information from anywhere.
Built by Lutheran Partners in Global Ministry and other Lutheran partners around the world, the hospital is in a community that does not have cell service, a landline, postal service or Internet, and whose electricity is provided by solar-powered batteries and a generator.
When the giving was counted shortly after Christmas, Sunne contributors had given $8,360, said the Rev. Paul Schauer, Sunne’s pastor.


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