Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Leaving Lesbianism

God-honoring faith and government seemed to have parted ways. Whenever a law contradicts God’s law, as believers we need to stand on His truth. This won’t make Christians popular, but Jesus already warned us about popularity contests. He also told us to love one another and leave changing hearts up to him.

During my lonely freshman year of college I met Jan. She had a way of finding the humor in just about everything. We shared thoughts about life and our distant future, wondering where our lofty goals would take us. Gradually she revealed to me that she was a lesbian. Our friendship was never about sexual orientation—it was about two young women on a small campus who didn’t have a clue what the future held.
On a whim one evening, we went to a Christian crusade held at a campus across town. A dynamic speaker told us that Jesus wanted us just the way we were, but loved us so much he didn’t want us to stay that way. Jan went forward and wanted Jesus—not really knowing how He could change someone like her.

This isn’t one of those stories where a confused soul sees the errors of her way, seeks God’s forgiveness and discovers that she wasn’t really a lesbian after all. For the next decade Jan struggled with her personal identity and the identity she knew she had in Christ. The two weren’t the same.


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