Friday, March 15, 2013

"The Bible" Leads to Perception Gains for History Channel Among Conservatives, Christians

The History Channel’s new mini-series, “The Bible”, has so far racked up stellar ratings and enthusiastic tweets from celebrities. But there is another story to be told behind this version of the greatest story ever told. According to data from BrandIndex, the History Channel has also seen its brand perception rise among both Christians and political conservatives.

On February 26, Buzz scores for The History Channel among those who identified themselves as politically conservative stood at 34, while Buzz scores among those who identified themselves as “Catholic”, “Protestant” or “Other Christian” were 31. On the night of the premier of the show, March 3, these Buzz scores had risen to 41 and 36 respectively. By March 9, The History Channel’s Buzz score among conservatives was 47 and among Christians was 43, marking around a twelve point gain for both segments.


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