Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Prayer Key to Boston's Recovery

Running shoes with messages of hope written on the rubber soles dangle from a rod-iron fence that serves as a makeshift memorial site near the finish line of the Boston Marathon. This scene at the intersection of Newbury Street and Dartmouth Street is symbolic of the perseverance many Boston residents feel as they seek to overcome last week’s tragic bombings.
Yet, as horrific images of devastation continue to circulate on the Internet and social media sites, survivors and area residents acknowledge there is a long road of recovery, both physically and emotionally. Two successive explosions left three people dead and injured nearly 200.
Experts maintain the terrorist attack has forever shaped the identity of the marathon as well as the city of Boston. In response to the tragic event, care and comfort is coming from a variety of sources.
K-9 Comfort Dogs
Furry canine helpers were in Massachusetts to bring emotional comfort to Bostonians. Chicago-based Lutheran Church Charities deployed K-9 Comfort Dogs Ruthie, Luther and Isaiah, three dogs who help survivors affected by calamity like the Boston bombings. Addie and Maggie later joined that team after helping survivors of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting last December.
“When people pet the dogs it gives them a chance to relax and process what is going on,” said Tim Hetzner, president of Lutheran Church Charities. “Emotions were all over the place. We were there to share the mercy and compassion of Christ with people through the dogs.”


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