Saturday, December 21, 2013

Walking Expedition to Trace Literal Path of The Great Commission

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ORMOND BEACH, Fla., Dec. 19, 2013 /Christian Newswire/ -- South African born David Cape has spent the last 25 years on a journey of unprecedented servanthood evangelism, carrying a cross and a foot washing bowl, as he walked thousands of miles through 28 nations. In March of 2014 the ministry will shift its focus as David and an international team travel to Israel to walk out the Great Commission...literally.

This expedition begins as David Cape travels on foot, carrying his cross and bowl in Judea into Bethlehem, Christ's birthplace. From there he will carry the cross and bowl to Jerusalem, the hinge of Christendom.  Next, the journey will continue on foot, through Samaria concluding in Nazareth, where Jesus was raised. Upon leaving Nazareth, the team will head to Cape Town, South Africa, to board one of the three ships which visits the island of Tristan De Cunha each year.

Tristan De Cunha is considered to be the remotest inhabited place on earth, a tiny island in the Atlantic, 1800 miles from Cape Town, S.A. Tristan De Cunha has only 294 inhabitants, no airport and no harbor.  It is literally, THE UTTERMOST PART OF THE EARTH.

As a prophetic statement of the Great Commission, letters will be gathered from the churches in Jerusalem, Judea, and Samaria.  Once in Tristan De Cunha, the letters from the churches will be delivered while ministering with the Cross and Bowl. Dave and his team will return to South Africa by the end of May, 2014.

An integral part of this mission is to have 100 churches of different backgrounds, in different countries, involved by partnering in prayer throughout the journey. The hope is that partnering churches and individuals will embrace the concept of the mission and be challenged to a fresh discovery of outward focus and mission as individuals and churches embrace their own Great Commission.

Currently residing in Ormond Beach, Florida, David Cape's purpose has been to demonstrate the servant love of Jesus. David and his wife Carol have literally seen thousands come to faith in Jesus, and amongst others, have ministered to heads of state, Hollywood personalities, sports stars, prostitutes and lepers and have seen entire cities come to revival. 

David Cape is an internationally published author and conference speaker and holds a Doctorate in Ministerial studies.

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