Monday, May 3, 2010

U.S Govt Census Worker Wanting Us To Give Out Personal Information On Our Neighbors

Written by Miranda Caverley
Normally JMC Ministries shares news that others have found or are covering here at the Eternal Flame News, but this is breaking news right here from our street in Chillicothe Ohio.
Just a few minutes ago I  was sitting here in my house and I see a woman wearing one of those vests that road construction workers normally wear. She was walking up and down our little dead end road that only has 7 houses on it so I knew something was going on. 
She walks down to our landlords house then back up past our house to our new neighbors.  My husband Jeremy looks out the window and says it’s a Census Worker.  I figured she wouldn’t bother us because we had already turned our Census papers back in. 
But no….Just after Jeremy left to go to his college class she knocks on our front door.  The first thing she says is that she’s not here to talk about me because my husband and I had turned our census forms in. What she was here for was to get all the information should could out of me about all my neighbors and even the ones that had recently moved out of the 2 houses on our road.
She wanted to know our landlords name her phone number. What the names were of the neighbors that had just moved out in the past couple of months. How long they lived their even exact dates. And even where they moved to after they moved away from here!
I was seriously thinking “Are you kidding me! The U.S Government is trying to get me to give them all the info I know about my present and past neighbors! NO WAY.”
The only information I gave her was our landlords name when she asked for the phone number I didn’t give it to her because honestly the U.S Govt should already have that information. I politely told her that I knew nothing of our past neighbors and just really tried to keep my mouth shut. 
I already don’t trust the our current President and most of the leaders running our country right now and I am NOT going to be their personal spy agent and give them the information they want.  They have all this technology supposedly to track all of us and keep tabs on us let them use that. But I am NOT going to be a pawn for them to use to get information on my neighbors and friends READ MY LIPS MR. OBAMA! NO!
So be warned U.S Citizens you may be getting a knock on your door from the U.S  Census Worker this year wanting you to give as much information as you know about your neighbors and those that live in your community.
Stand up don’t be afraid to just say NO! It works for drugs why not the U.S Government too!

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