Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A waterproof Word for the homeless

Ivy Tech Community College student Kristin Scott recently visited a number of homeless shelters in Indianapolis with her church's youth group, which led her to contemplate ways she could bless the homeless beyond the gifts of food, clothing, and housing many of them already receive.

"I was eating my oatmeal in my living room, and I felt like the Lord just dropped an idea in me to raise money for waterproof Bibles for the homeless in Indianapolis," she shares. "I immediately got online...looked at the prices, and I emailed the publisher, Bardin & Marsee Publishing, and I asked if there was a bulk discount on the Bible. And that very day, they were actually putting them on discount for ministries -- a 70-percent discount."

Statistics show that roughly 15,000 people in Indianapolis become homeless each year. But while the 600 waterproof Bibles that will be provided with the help of Bardin & Marsee Publishing's "GIVE" initiative is not enough to reach all the homeless, Scott says that number is much larger than she initially expected.

"I'm going to connect with different homeless ministries in Indianapolis and give them the Bibles to distribute to the homeless," she explains.

The young college student has given herself until March 4 to raise the necessary funds. More information about her efforts is availabale at

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