Friday, April 8, 2011

109 Year Old Throws Out First Pitch On Her Birthday

Thursday was a very special day for Midland resident Violet Smith.She was chosen to throw the honorary first pitch at the Great Lakes Loons season opener.“When I think about it, no, I don’t think I’m nervous,” she told TV5's Catherine Bodak before the game.

Besides the pitch, there was something else very special about Thursday. Smith celebrated her 109th birthday.“I never thought I’d make it, and I’m glad I feel as good as I do,” Smith said about her big day.Smith has two children who were at Dow Diamond for support and to help her get ready for the big moment. A son, Richard, from Arizona and daughter, Marj, from West Bloomfield Township.“I brought a baseball along so we can practice a little bit this afternoon before we go,” 72-year-old Richard Smith said. “I’m sure she will do really well.”Marj said their family has always been very athletic and she is grateful to share this day with her mother."You can imagine how wonderful it has been to have her around for 109 years,” she said.Smith's toss bounced a few times, but it eventually made its way to the catcher

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