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Teen Show Glee Promoting Planned Parenthood Sex Ed Agenda

by Kara Russo | Washington, DC | | 3/25/11 6:30 PM
Question: Besides MTV’s “Skins”, what TV show today is arguably corrupting our youth and promoting homosexual behavior and sexual activity more than any other? Answer: the heavily promoted and what I find to be aggressively immoral Tuesday night youth indoctrination hour, ‘Glee’.

On Tuesday, March 8th, ‘Glee ‘ – which regularly features homosexual relationships and rampant sexual activity by minors – managed to limbo even lower (under a bar set already almost on the floor) with an episode featuring Gwenyth Paltrow as the school’s visiting “sex education” teacher.

Some of you might recall that Paltrow and her mother, Blythe Danner, are also known for their “work” as celebrity supporters of the largest abortion business in America, Planned Parenthood. Twice, the mother-daughter duo has used Mother’s Day as what they called the “perfect time” to send out an email soliciting donations on behalf of Planned Parenthood. Yes, that’s right. Gwenyth Paltrow and her mother used the day dedicated to mothers (whose role it is to protect and nurture their babies, not kill them) to solicit more money for the business that not only killed 324,008 unborn babies in 2008 alone, but that did so while receiving $349.6 million in federal funding from our taxpayer dollars. In 2009, Planned Parenthood received $363.2 million.

Now, as a strong pro-life advocate, I am well aware of the dangers of “sex education.”

The graphic (and very often pornographic) materials and speech that are used not only gets kids thinking more about sex, but also – by purporting sex to be just another item on the list making up your teen’s “health”, sharply takes away from the sacredness of the act, which was intended by God to be only for one man and one woman within the bond of marriage. “Sex education” has been shown to lead to an increase in underage sexual activity, and it is obvious to many that “sex education” is Planned Parenthood’s modus operandi for indoctrinating and attracting new young customers (our kids) through direct marketing to them in our schools. Planned Parenthood has literally infiltrated our schools across the country, including right here in Rhode Island. (The FY 2007 Annual Report for Planned Parenthood of RI reports Planned Parenthood running workshops in the Providence, Pawtucket, and Central Falls school systems at the middle school and high school levels.) After hearing that Paltrow would be guest starring on ‘Glee’ as a “sex education” teacher, I had to tune in just to witness and report on how far the episode would go – and how much evil would be employed – in what I knew was sure to be an egregious attack on the minds and souls of young viewers across America.

Even I was shocked. The episode began with outright hate speech against Catholicism, and quickly moved on to thinly veiled promotion of students becoming sexually active.

In the first scene, Paltrow’s character tries to pressure another teacher who is in favor of abstinence education into getting on board with her ideology. When the abstinence teacher dissents and says “I strongly disagree. I don’t think that we should barrage these kids with graphic information. They’re kids. I don’t want to steal their innocence,” Paltrow’s character haughtily exclaims: “Are you, like, some kind of crazy Pope lady?”

In a later scene, Paltrow’s character attempts to get the kids all riled up and excited about sex, rocking out and seductively dancing around in a low cut black leather jumpsuit and tauntingly screaming Joan Jett’s song lyrics “Do you wanna touch me there?” When one of the students, in the face of Paltrow’s character’s outrageous display, calmly asks: “What about those of us who choose to remain celibate?”, Paltrow’s character nastily replies: “Oh well I admire your choice…. Although I think you’re naive…and possibly frigid … I do admire your choice.”

This statement is telling, and it fits exactly in line with what many have seen of Planned Parenthood’s “sex education” tactics. Many can clearly see that Planned Parenthood is corrupting a whole generation starting with their covert, unhealthy, and immoral “sex education” agenda.

It has been revealed that in the abortion business, “sex education” is an essential component of their business plan. I saw this first hand last year in Connecticut, when Planned Parenthood and NARAL (National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League) fought hard to get legislation passed with amendment language that would have further increased “sex education” in Connecticut schools. Thanks to God and to an enormous public outcry, they lost.

It is obvious to many that what Planned Parenthood is actually doing is selling sex, and trying to make our youth believe that their sexuality is not a sacred gift from God, but instead something to be used for their own pleasure and at the whim of their own passions. Planned Parenthood describes fornication as “healthy sexuality” and the murder of innocent human beings through abortion as “reproductive health.” Are these really the people we want in charge of teaching our children?

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