Thursday, May 19, 2011

4 Sets Of Twins To Graduate From Same High School

The graduating class at Blue Valley Northwest High School will include four sets of twins.KMBC introduced the twins -- Courtney and Conner Ahnen, Robert and John Bagarozy, Alison and Kristen Anderson and Michael and Nick Pappas -- to viewers 12 years ago when they entered kindergarten. Since that time, so much has changed."I'm excited to get to experience it with (Conner) because we've been through a lot, but there's a lot that I want to get to with her after high school," said Courtney Ahnen.Robert and John Bargarozy were the only identical twins in the group. Today their favorite color attire is deliberate."I wear green shoes, and that's how people in the hallway -- instead of looking at my face and recognizing who I am -- they have to look at my feet and be like, 'OK, this one's John,'" said John Bagarozy.KMBC's Cliff Judy reported that few of the twins do the same extra-curricular activities, and some even have separate groups of friends."I'd say I'm the more athletic one. I did the sports, and she was more of like, girly," said Alison Anderson about her twin, Kristen.The Anderson twins told Judy that they might study interior design after high school.Michael and Nick Pappas said they are as ready as anyone for Saturday's graduation."Since kindergarten, we've all been together. So I guess we've expected to see all of each other walk across (the stage,) said Michael Pappas."Do you still like having a twin?" Judy asked."Yes, I do. You always have someone to hang out with," Robert Bagarozy said.Originally, when KMBC reported on the twins, there were five sets of twins. Two boys have since moved.The Blue Valley Northwest twins aren't exactly going their separate ways. Seven of the eight will attend Kansas State University in the fall.

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