Thursday, May 19, 2011

Parents In Utah Community Outraged Over Pornographic Images On Car

Art or pornography? That's the question about what's painted on a car parked in one Utah neighborhood.

One mom says the car, covered in exotic art, is often parked in sight of a playground where kids play.

The maroon PT Cruiser is adorned with several paintings including an image of a naked man and woman in a passionate embrace.

"When you're rolling around town and in the public's eye you know, it shouldn't be open like that," said Cindy Adams.

Adams is mom of four young kids and worries not only about her own children but about other kids as well.

"I worry about young teenagers who just got their license, and stopped at a red light, and that's their view they get to look at while they're waiting for the light," she said.

2News took Cindy's concerns to the South Jordan Police Department who promised to investigate.

Utah does have an indecent public display law which states someone may violate the statute if images are displayed where a person under the age of 18 can see it and if the image has nudity, partial nudity or sexual acts.

Cindy says she's not a prude and that pictures like the ones on the car wouldn't be a problem if they were inside a house, museum or kept where kids couldn't see them.
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