Tuesday, June 7, 2011

117 Year Old Church Closes It's Doors For Good

11:55 PM, Jun. 5, 2011Written byTIFFANY DE MASTERS
The chapel of Grant Park Christian Church on Des Moines' east side overflowed with people as they listened to one last sermon.

There were mixed feelings Sunday from the members - most of them said there weren't words to describe how they felt about leaving behind a church that was lovingly started 117 years ago.

Because of a declining number of members and a lack of financing, the church has been forced to close; Sunday was the last service.

The Rev. Julie Gibson has been with the congregation the last three months and said she will always remember Grant Park.
Being a reverend at Grant Park has been "a slice of heaven," Gibson said, adding that members have been "generous in their time of sorrow."

Although Grant Park has struggled over the years, members wanted to close while there were still gifts to give, Grant said.

Chairman of the elders John Grinstead said the church has been struggling for 10 years with membership numbers; it had about 40 members at the time of the closure. As savings depleted, there were few options left for the church.

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