Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Church Sends 250 Care Packages To Soldiers Over Seas


As a Memorial Day tribute to military personnel, the people of First Presbyterian Church of Roseville handed out, filled and then collected 250 care packages for soldiers and Air Force personnel who are on tour of duties.

As part of an ongoing program of reaching out to their community in acts of service, called Live Out Loud, the members of FPC wanted a tangible way to express their appreciation for the many local men and women of the armed services who are serving their country.

Initially the church started with 150 and soon grew to 250. Children collected socks and wrote notes for the soldiers and airmen/women and others bought all kinds of things from toiletries to candies and snacks and stuffed them as full as they could get them. The boxes were collected on May 22 and May 29 and were sent the following week.

As care packages were sent, the historic First Presbyterian Church, the first protestant church in Roseville, changed its name. Since it began in 1873 the church has always been called First Presbyterian, but on May 29 the church changed its name to Centerpoint Community Church.

According to Pastor Jim Barstow, the change was attributed to many factors including misidentification with the Presbyterian Church USA and possible barriers made by “Presbyterian” in the name.

The new name and its vision statement “Centering Life In Christ” also captures the purpose of the church’s mission and ministries, to make Christ the center of families, marriages, and lives.

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