Friday, June 3, 2011

Wyoming Preachers Arrested For Saying Abortion Is Murder

Charlie Butts - OneNewsNow - 6/1/2011 4:15:00 AM
Following the arrests of two pastors, pro-lifers throughout the country have a bone to pick with local authorities in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Pastors Mark Holick of Spirit One Ministries and Chet Gallagher learned from a newspaper story at the conclusion of a several-day-long pro-life demonstration that authorities in Jackson Hole had obtained a restraining order against them for the final day. During a meeting with police, they were told what they could and could not do at a local festival.

"The restraining order said that we had to stay two blocks away and that we couldn't show any graphic signs within that two-block area," Holick accounts.

The pastor tells OneNewsNow that he began to wonder whether the police or the judge who issued the order had read the Constitution. "In [a] meeting, they began to expand on that thing -- that we could not even talk about abortion...Brent Blue, the abortionist, or the shedding of innocent blood," he explains.

Both ministers then informed the group that they would don T-shirts that read "abortion is murder." They then asked what would happen if they began to preach, and they were told, "If you preach anything about abortion or Brent Blue, then I'll arrest you."

Nevertheless, both decided to exercise their free-speech rights and preach near the event. Gallagher was first arrested and taken to jail, and Holick followed. So the Spirit One Ministries pastor is encouraging people to urge the city attorney's office to drop the charges. Otherwise, he says, they will have discussions with constitutional attorneys about filing a lawsuit.

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