Thursday, April 26, 2012

"Coed Showers" Could Be Coming To A Schools And Churches

World Net Daily--Homosexual activists are demanding cities across Kansas add sexual orientation and “gender identity” to their protected classes, a move attorneys warn could hit even churches and other faith-based groups.

The “coed shower” plans have been around for several years, with the infamous battle in Montgomery County, Md., several years ago in which officials adopted special provisions for those who choose an alternative sexual lifestyle then manipulated election rules so that voters were not allowed to express their opinion on the law at the ballot box.

Word on the latest effort comes from Liberty Counsel Action, which says Kansas is the “latest battleground” over “granting special rights to homosexuals and cross-dressers.”

“Human Relations Commissions and/or homosexual activist groups in Lawrence, Hutchinson, Salina, Wichita and Pittsburg have asked their respective city councils to add ‘sexual orientation’ and ‘gender identity’ to protected classes,” Liberty Counsel Action reported.

Lawrence passed the ordinance and the Hutchinson city council will vote May 1, the group said.

The organization noted, “If the Hutchinson city measure passes, places of worship that rent out to the general public would be required to rent out their building for homosexual marriages or drag queen parties.”

Specifically, Hutchinson’s proposal provides that “religious based groups, non-profit institutions controlled by religious associations or societies and non-profit private clubs that are not open to the public are exempt…. [but not] if any of these groups open their services to the general public.”

Under the recommended changes, an employer, landlord or business owner would be deprived of the ability to make decisions based on his or her own religious faith. People would be allowed to choose a restroom or shower based on their “gender identity,” which may or may not be linked to their “birth sex.”

The proposal states “not allowing individuals to use a restroom or other gender-segregated facility consistent with their gender identity or gender expression” would be “discriminatory conduct.”
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