Thursday, April 26, 2012

New Horror Film Shows The Dangers Of Pornography

One News Now--Onslaught Media's Harmless is a story of a father and husband and his battle with pornography.  Producer and director Rich Praytor tells OneNewsNow this film is not graphic, but it is a scary and entertaining movie that will drive home a point.

"You know what we've found is people learn their morals and values through film, television and music," he offers. "That's where kids learn it; that's where they learn between right and wrong because it's the mass media. It's out there all the time. And so we're just looking to have just another option that people can watch and that they can learn about how dangerous pornography can be."

Praytor says his crew creatively gets the point across without actually showing pornographic material. Ironically, he believes the film will get a PG-13 rating, "just because of the faith-based content in there. We don't really show anything [and] there is no language issue or anything like that; there's just scary stuff. [And] with Hollywood today, anything with the word 'God' in it, they'll automatically put a PG or a PG-13 [rating] because of religious content, which is fine."

Harmless will be out in limited theaters this fall and be available on DVD next year.

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