Monday, August 20, 2012

Missionaries build beds for African orphans

In an effort to help orphaned children in Africa and give them comfort, three Southern Illinois missionaries traveled to Kenya to lend their skills.
Ken Rowe, Larry Uehle and his son, Stephen, all of Dongola, traveled to Kenya to help build beds for an orphanage that is under construction as part of the Crying Children of Africa Project in the Kijabe region.
“These kids, they don’t even have beds,” said Rowe.
Rowe, who spent 43 years in the creative department at The Southern Illinoisan, was given the opportunity to put his carpentry skills to work helping orphans in Kenya.
As planning for the trip began, Rowe learned electricity could be sporadic and much of the carpentry work would have to be done with hand tools.
With a duffle bag filled with 50 pounds of saws, chisels and hand drills, Uehle requested Rowe pack a 12-inch table saw blade at the last minute.
The men went to help Simon Muhota, a pastor and director of the orphanage. Muhota is helping 17 orphans, but ultimately aims to help 60. Many of the children were orphaned because of AIDS or ethnic cleansing.


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