Friday, September 28, 2012

From Homeless to Financially Stable with a Family - “My first wife died of breast cancer and when she passed away I really floundered,” Scott Arnold told the 700 Club. “And I ended up being homeless in the streets of Tucson, Arizona.”
In 2005, Scott got off the streets--and the drugs. He became a Christian and learned about tithing. When Scott got a job working construction, he decided it was time to put what he’d learned into practice.
“It was very difficult at first, because for me to give money when I was just coming out of the streets was a big decision,” says Scott. “Well right away, I started seeing the supernatural favor of God. I went from living in a halfway house to getting my own apartment.”
Scott wanted to help others who were in recovery and began praying for a job at a local rehabilitation center. He was hired a few months later.
“I prayed for a month straight before they hired me,” Scott recalls. “Others had college degrees, were already working for the company, wanted that position and they hired me because they saw the love that I have for other people and how much I wanted to help other people get better.”


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