Friday, September 7, 2012

Mother of 2 emerges with faith despite question after question

CAROL STREAM, Ill. (BP) -- God had never been the problem.

Growing up in small-town Iowa, Katie Crichton's family was deeply involved with a local Protestant church. Her mother served as choir director, her father sang in the choir and Crichton and her two brothers sat in the front row every Sunday.

God was everywhere. Religion was everywhere. And throughout Katie Crichton's young life she was surrounded by people who spoke freely about God. God was always very comfortable.

"It was when people started talking about Jesus that I got uncomfortable," she said.

While in college, Crichton remembers coming home for winter break and sitting with her family during the Christmas Eve service, listening to the familiar music and taking in the beautiful candle-lit atmosphere. Deep inside, however, Katie felt like a hypocrite.

"I was sitting there enjoying the service, but not really buying the whole Christmas story," she said.

After graduation, Crichton moved to Eau Claire, Wis., to pursue her teaching career. She lived by herself during the first year and moved in the following year with another teacher, Mary.

"Mary had this personal faith in Jesus," Crichton said. "She read her Bible and memorized Scripture, but aside from that, she was real. I liked her so much. She was fun and to me Christian types were boring, in a box, and very judgmental. But that wasn't Mary at all."


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