Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Tens of Thousands Remain Powerless, Homeless in Hurricane Isaac's Aftermath

Tens of thousands of people are powerless and thousands remain in emergency shelters nearly a week after Hurricane Isaac swamped the Gulf Coast with a deluge. President Barack Obama met victims on Monday while officials assessed the damage which might cost over $2 billion.

The fading remnants of Isaac have moved east but about 125,000 people were still without power and at least 2,600 people remained in emergency shelters due to floodwaters in Louisiana on Monday.
The National Weather Service has warned that scattered thunderstorms this week might cause frequent lightning and heavy downpours in southeastern Louisiana and southern Mississippi.
Heat index values are likely to range between 100 and 105 degrees, possibly higher in some locations, putting at risk especially those without power. "We need everyone to take their risk of heat stroke seriously," said Bruce D. Greenstein, Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals secretary. "This is a serious condition that can kill you."

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