Monday, October 15, 2012

Do You Truly Love Christ? 100 Ways We Deny Christ

As watered down Believers we are led by Satan to believe that the only time we deny Christ is when a gun is pointed at our head and we are asked "Are you a Christian?" But nothing could be further from the truth for we deny Christ many more times that we might ever believe.
100 Ways We Deny Christ
1. We fail to regularly read our Bible
2. We do not accept Him as our Lord & Savior.
3. We do not live like we accepted Him as our Lord & Savior.
4. We have a job and do not start a weekly Bible study at our office.
5. We don't invite our neighbors to church.
6. We don't serve at church.
7. We don't pray for others.
8. Jesus was not a mime. We think the way we live is enough.
9. We are a chameleon Christian bending this way and that.
10. We believe there are shades of gray in our faith walk.
11. We believe some Bible stories to be "just stories."
12. We look to hang out with the "in crowd."
13. We don't study God's word.
14. We believe science's story of evolution.
15. We see a sunset and fail to know the truth.

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