Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Former cop taking on sex traffickers

he author of God in a Brothel has set up a ministry to combat human trafficking.

God in a Brothel (book cover)For many years, former New Zealand police officer Daniel Walker worked for various organizations to pinpoint human and sex trafficking, assist authorities in rescuing the women and girls involved, then prosecute traffickers.
"The fastest-growing form of slavery is human trafficking, and the most horrific, of course, is sex trafficking," Walker asserts. "In the next ten years, the commercial sexual sale of women and children will become the number-one earner for organized crime groups around the world, surpassing drugs, which is currently number one."
The reason this type of trafficking will surpass drug crimes is because victims can be sold repeatedly every day. The profits, therefore, are astronomical -- earning traffickers $32 billion annually. Furthermore, fewer risks are involved, because the penalties for the crime are less significant than for drug-related crimes. Also, police corruption is also involved.
Walker's new ministry, Nvader, will continue to work to rescue women and girls from trafficking.


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