Friday, October 5, 2012

When Self Injury Turns Suicidal for Teens

U. MISSOURI (US) — A survey of more than 60,000 Minnesota teens showed than about 4,000 reported injuring themselves and nearly half of those attempted suicide.

"Of the teens who engaged in non-suicidal self injury, hopelessness was a prominent factor that differentiated those who attempted suicide from those who did not have a history of suicide attempts," says Lindsay Taliaferro. (Credit: Veer)

Researchers who analyzed the survey have identified factors that will help parents, medical professionals, and educators recognize teens at risk for self injury and suicide.

“For many young people, suicide represents an escape from unbearable situations—problems that seem impossible to solve or negative emotions that feel overwhelming,” says Lindsay Taliaferro, an assistant professor of health sciences at the University of Missouri.


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