Monday, December 10, 2012

Highlands Church hosts Christmas store for Denver families Read more: Highlands Church hosts Christmas store for Denver families

Raymond Lerma knows every decal on the toy race car he wants for Christmas — he can hum the three different engine sounds the toy makes.

When he had a chance to tell Santa about the car, the 5-year-old didn't talk about how fast it can go or the special wheels that make it great for crashing into things. He didn't even mention the color.
Instead, Raymond talked about the color of the water bottle he had picked out for his father's Christmas stocking.

"I didn't saw a red water bottle so I picked the blue," Raymond said.
Raymond's family was one of about 200 families that spent Saturday at the Highlands Church Christmas Store. The church teamed up with the Bienvenidos Food Bank to host the event, during

which families could select gifts to stuff into loved ones' holiday stockings.
"Our hope is that we can provide integrity and respect to each of the families," said Anne Politzki, head of community life and outreach for the church. "It gives them a little bit of ownership in the gifts they're giving each other."

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