Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Meet the Amazing 12-Year-Old Who Makes It Her Mission to Help the Homeless in Her Community

While many might avert their eyes when passing by the homeless, Lauren Weaver doesn’t ignore them. She worries about them. In fact, she’s the heart of a growing operation called “Lauren’s Way” that helps provide some of Florida’s homeless with the items they need most — and she’s only 12 years old.
The story of Lauren’s Way started five years ago, though, when girl was 7 years old. Living near a park in Vero Beach, Ryan Weaver explained that his daughter frequently saw the same homeless man there.
She would ask questions like “Why is he dirty?” “Why does he look so sad?” and “Where does he eat and sleep?” Ryan told TheBlaze.
“I had never been put in that place and being that young … I thought everyone had a home, parents and a warm bed,” Lauren told us. “I was sad and worried about him.”
Encouraging her to think of something she might be able to do, the then second grader told her parents she wanted to give him a Christmas present. Taking $25 from the money she had been saving for an iPod — a sum which her parents said they would match for the gift — Lauren took to the store to purchase items that the local homeless shelter told her family a man like the one she saw might need most. Fifty dollars though didn’t make one box, it made seven.
“I had seen him so many times. So many times,” Lauren recalled. “When I finally got to talk to him, he was so nice.”


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