Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Background Checks for Church, Ministry and Business

According to infographic below by First Contact HR , "A background check is the process of discovering and assembling information to objectively assist employers in evaluating a candidate's qualification, character, fitness and to identify any potential hiring risks for safety and security reasons."
Although more companies, churches and ministries are conducting background searches for employment, some corrupt personnel slip through and get hired.
So my advice to churches hiring new staff includes finding out if the job candidate has ever been fired from a previous church or ministry and discovering the reason for the firing. Also spend time praying for each of the job candidates and allow the Holy Spirit to provide discernment in hiring.
Here are three reasons why corrupt employees may pass background checks:
  1. The corrupt employees were never caught in previous fraud.
  2. They were caught in fraud but because of embarrassment or other reasons, their employer or church board decided to keep the scandal a secret and never pursued legal action.
  3. The corrupt employee was caught but settled out of court with a nondisclosure agreement.
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