Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Faith leaders pray for civility in D.C.

WASHINGTON (BP) -- Southern Baptist ethicist Richard Land has joined a diverse group of religious leaders in a prayer initiative calling for increased civility among government officials.

Conservative and liberal faith representatives began praying daily for civility among politicians when the new Congress was sworn in Jan. 3 and have pledged to pray until President Obama is inaugurated for a second term Jan. 21.

"We need to heed [President] Lincoln's admonition to listen to 'the better angels of our nature,'" said Land, president of the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission. "We are in a time of crisis in this country. We need first of all to quit questioning people's motives and intent, and agree to disagree without being disagreeable, and seek areas of common ground where we can work together on issues that are important to the country."

Among the initiative's recommended prayer requests for Obama, members of Congress and other public officials are for them to:

-- Show patience with and respect for other politicians;

-- Avoid inflammatory language, as well as attacks on character and motives;

-- Demonstrate humility and admit their limited understanding;

-- Pray for political opponents.


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