Wednesday, January 9, 2013

New trend emerging in global evangelism

USA (MNN) ― When we thought of "evangelism tools" in the not-so-distant past, images of small, pocket-sized Bibles and pamphlets came to mind.
Now, evangelism tools consist of a conglomerate of smartphone apps, video clips, and podcasts.
"It's spiritual multiplication using technology, and it's very exciting," says Tom Cannavino with The JESUS Film Project.
In recent days, Cannavino met a bus driver from Kenya and asked him what language he spoke. "Luo," the man answered.
"So I went to the new JESUS Film app on my phone and selected Maps, and I went to the country of Kenya and saw that there were 37…JESUS Film translations there," recalls Cannavino. "I scrolled down and found Luo, his language, and I e-mailed it to him from my phone, at that moment."
The next day, he received an e-mail from the bus driver.
"That video is great. I had watched the English version before, but I was really fascinated watching the Luo version," the man said in his e-mail.
Cannavino adds, "He watched the film, but the exciting part is that he sent the link to the film to friends and relatives here in the U.S., and then back at his home in Kenya.
"Through technology, God is allowing us to share the Gospel and to connect with people."


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