Friday, March 8, 2013

The Seamless Garment of Christian Mission

by David Mathis | February 21, 2013
The tension in the air can feel thick enough to cut with a knife. It escalates to all-out war in some churches — the battle between living local and going global.
With limited time and resources and energy in any given context, it can feel like local mission and global missions are constantly vying for attention, competing articles rather than one seamless garment.
On one side, we see the needs around us in our city and feel deeply that proximity implies responsibility. God has called us to live on mission right here in our locale, “reached” as it may be, but still very needy. So many are lost in this city. On the other side, we ache over the world’s 7,000 unreached peoples and feel deeply the summons to send our best and give sacrificially and hold the ropes to get the gospel to the peoples who otherwise have no access to it.
How do we decide which mission gets our best energies?


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