Tuesday, May 7, 2013

ED STETZER: Love Your Neighbor-- Even the Muslim Ones, An Expanded Version of My Column in USAToday


For many Americans, their knowledge of Muslims is what they see on television news rather than what they know from experience. Yet, forming a view of any group based solely on what one sees on the news is a bad idea.
When the Boston Marathon bombing occurred, many Americans were quick to assume it was the work of Muslim extremists, even before it was confirmed. The connection of terrorism to radicalized Islam is no secret. Yet, far too many take it further, leading me to ask, why do some people assume that all, most, or even many Muslims must be terrorists?
In addition, I wondered why so much hate is directed at Muslims today-- the vast majority of whom are peaceful people and, when living here, love their country.
Simply put, too many people make decisions about a group based on what they see on television news--and that's a bad place to make sweeping conclusions.
But this connection happens more than with terrorism and Muslims.


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