Friday, May 3, 2013

Phil Cooke: It's Time to Rethink 'Missions'

Phil Cooke

“Studying NFL football is like preparing for war on the playing field. Sometimes that war requires you to study your opponent.”sports journalist Jay Bee, Bleacher Report
The most successful military generals and athletes ruthlessly study the strategy and tactics of their adversaries. In a similar way, effective pastors and ministry leaders have always studied the enemy. The Bible is very clear about evil, and there’s no question the enemy will stop at nothing to destroy God’s people. But in my experience, the vast majority of pastors and leaders aren’t recognizing a new but remarkably effective tool in the enemy’s arsenal: distraction. 
Today’s digital culture has brought great convenience. Who doesn’t love their iPhone, Android or iPad? The ability to connect instantly with thousands of people through social media has proven to be a powerful way to share Christianity with the culture.
But along with convenience comes something far more sinister than we realize: distraction.


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